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A New Semester is Upon Us

by Erik Presley | August 26, 2009 | Erik Presley (USA) 0 Comments

It’s August and we have every partner university busy welcoming new international students to their campus. Like every start of the academic year  there are new challenges. International students have to navigate a new environment with a new different set of rules and norms. Many students who come to the U.S. for their bachelors and masters degree find the U.S. to be welcoming and open to diversity.

ELI 360 university partners are some of the very best institutions that provide a real community of people. International students who come to our campuses find that not only students are friendly but faculty and staff take an interest in becoming friends with each student. We have heard over and over from the students we’ve helped that their professors know them by name.

Recently some students had this to share with us regarding their experience at an ELI 360 university:

Thanks for the care of me, I made tons of friends and i can’t wait to meet u, I do really enjoy it now, I love UMHB.

Best Wish

As I meet parents around the world it has always been a pleasure to tell them that once their child has gained  admission through our company to one of our great universities they will quickly hear from their child they have found a new home away from home at their university. Many parents hear that not only is their child saying they feel safe they feel welcomed and have made new friends that include their professors. At first thought this may not seem significant but when you realize that these professors are the experts in the field of study it says something about the caring environment our universities provide and the opportunities to be mentored by the experts.

Granted students can simply avoid building relationship but the opportunity is there, further, gaining mentors is also available. I tell students all the time “take a chance,” “ask your professors if they would mentor you.” ELI 360 universities are the best at providing resources and time to develop leadership skills and character that will help young people grow into mature professionals who have the character to move up the career ladder where they will be those who influence the communities around them.

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