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Dubai My Next Stop

by Erik Presley | March 1, 2010 | Erik Presley (USA) 0 Comments

I’m days away from traveling to Dubai a city known for its skyscrapers. In fact, just last year the tallest building in the world was finished and opened for business.

Burj Dubai

Burj Dubai

Over the last year we have been developing a solid partnership with Emerging Young Leaders and through this organization we are now able to connect with more families around the world. Sam Balachander, from Bangalore, is the director and has made it possible to go on this trip to Dubai.  I am looking forward to visiting with families and high schools to introduce our Alliance of Universities. In the last few years they have continued to gain recognition in the United States for their superior academic programs. What makes them so appealing is their environment and cost.

ELI 360 universities listed here are in the top 100 of their respective regions. That’s a great accomplishment! Yet, even I who studied at one of the universities find that its the environment that is so great. While I studied at one of our partner universities I found that my professors were often willing to mentor me as I went through each year. Additionally, I was able to participate in many student functions which boosted my resume before entering the working world.

All the universities that work with ELI 360 are in safe residential environments and have a welcoming community. Most often we hear students and visitors say how surprised they were to find the university’s campus  so friendly and esthetically inviting. While I’m in Dubai I will share this message about our partners. Not only do they offer the best in academic programs but they do it in a safe and friendly environment.

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