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ELI 360 Launches New Programs

by Erik Presley | September 12, 2010 | Erik Presley (USA) 0 Comments

I’ve have been meaning to post news regarding our fall initiatives. But as one can expect with new programs and services being launched schedules become busy.

Mr. Ted Presley teaches the speaking section of the ESL Program.

Mr. Ted Presley teaches the speaking section of the ESL Program.

This past Spring ELI 360 and Hardin-Simmons University designed an ESL program to offer non-English speaking students the opportunity to gain admission into the university through an intensive English study environment. This offers many international students an improved way to gain an F1 visa and begin their education career in the U.S.

What I’ve been so pleased with is the unique approach that the ESL program has taken. While there are many valid approaches to teaching intensive English at the university level the one that ELI 360 has taken is one of practicum. Part of the method was adopted from our partner English Now! which focuses on friendly, daily life intensive English. Our mutual HSU students have sat in regular classrooms, have toured Abilene for different cultural elements and have interviewed business managers who themselves have learned English. The dynamic these ESL students find themselves in has motivated them to connect the practical learning to their ambition for finishing a degree at HSU. In other words, we find that this classroom slash real world practice drives home the content of their studies.

I myself having lived in foreign countries at two different stages in my life have learned that my ability to stay motivated to learn a new language is tied to how relevant I find the studies.

Additionally this fall we launched ELI 360 Guidance with a local private high school that has an excellent track record in teaching so that over 90% of each year’s graduates go on to university study. The new service was designed to assist high school students from 9th grade to 12th learn to understand what we call their “blueprint” in order to better develop their personal education and career plan.see you We are very enthused about what we will be able to accomplish through this service. In fact this coming November I will be visiting with high schools in Malaysia and UAE to discuss the possibility of offering ELI 360 Guidance on their campuses. With the job market much more competitive it is crucial to assist young people in learning what will be their best career track and industry or “mountain of society.”

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