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In China For PremierMED

by Erik Presley | June 22, 2009 | Erik Presley (USA) 0 Comments

I’m in Nanjing China getting ready to meet with Dean Feng of Nanjing Medical University to discuss a new development and partnership for ELI 360’s PremierMED program. During this past year we have had the opportunity to research and discover a growing need for an increase in the number of MDs within the U.S. medical profession and the limitations of seats within the U.S. medical schools. In recent years this has created an extremely competitive environment for entering students in medical school.

Some North American students in the last decade have elected to go to medical school outside the U.S., many going to the Caribbean. While there are excellent options in the Caribbean some that do not require the MCAT for admission there are better opportunities in China. Not only is the standard of academics high with high-tech labs the tuition is half or one-third the cost of medical school in the U.S.

Over the last decade China has approved a short list of medical schools to offer an English based matriculation program for the MBBS degree. These schools are the top national medical schools that are approved by the AMA and many are listed with WHO. Nanjing Medical University in particular is number 19 in the 180+ medical schools in China.

China’s Ministry of Education over the next few dacades will invest a considerable amount of cash to showcase these schools in order to become a world seat for medical education. For any student considering becoming an MD China medical schools should seriously be considered as they themselves will be heavily invested in so they as future MDs can be showcased around the world much like the olympics was this past year.

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