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Indonesia – Latest Developments

by Erik Presley | April 9, 2011 | Erik Presley (USA) 2 Comments

ELI 360 Building with Favor

Park Royal Business EntryIn the last 30 days ELI 360 corporate has been in Indonesia two times. with the leadership from Fentje Palit, founder of Fawnridge Christian Academy a K-12 school in Indonesia, we have secured an office in The Park Royal Tower 3 in downtown Jakarta. This office will serve all our efforts in Indonesia for the two service groups ELI 360 Guidance and Admission 360.

Front doors of new office in Jakarta

Front doors of new office in Jakarta

IMG_2583The amazing part is not opening a third office but rather that the development of this effort has been carried on the wings of favor. Mr. Palit joined ELI 360 a little over one year ago as our representative in Indonesia. Since his time with ELI 360 he has gained great favor among many of his past relationships to promote Admission 360 our university placement service. One such relationship is a college friend Helen Ongko who is a founder of the homeschooling center and has made it possible to open this new ELI 360 office in a building they are moving into. Currently the office space is under construction and we anticipate it opening in June and become fully operational by July. During this last week I traveled to several cities in Indonesia based on Fentje’s work to open doors among several private high schools.

In Surabaya we anticipate having several new partnerships with high schools who embrace a holistic education.  Two such schools are new and have a commitment to helping their students not only gain a great education but develop in character. Fentje and I met with the school’s board or management group and had very positive discussions on how we can partner together in service students and parents. Of our meetings in Surabaya we had a school that agreed to meet with us because one of the parents of the school is an alum from one of our partner universities and friends with my parents who founded ELI 360. FAVOR again.

Maria Megawati has been in touch with my mother for more than 15 years since she finished her bachelors in the college of business at ACU. Today she is working for her father’s company and has two children attending Cita Hati School Below I’m attaching random pictures from my travels. Overall we were able to accomplish the activities this week because of the great favor ELI 360 has gained in Indonesia. Our new office in Jakarta will be a major strategic step forward for 2011.

Parents listening to a presentation

Parents listening to a presentation

Old ELI 360 Friend Maria Megawati

Long time ELI 360 Friend Maria

Ms Munandar and Ms Nugraha from VITA

Ms Munandar and Ms Nugraha with VITA School

Chairman Dr. Liliek and Mr Kriswanto of PETRA

Chairman Dr. Liliek and Mr Kriswanto of PETRA

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  1. Kezia Charissa
    May 23, 2012

    Hi, I’m Kezia from Medan. I’ll be graduating from high school in approximately a year. Would you please explain to me how Eli360 can help me in choosing the right university?

  2. Erik Presley
    June 17, 2012


    I’m delighted to hear from you. I apologies I’ve not refreshed my blog for some time. I will be in Jakarta this coming August and would be delighted to meet with you and your parents while there. Or, you can work with Fentje to assist you. He is the Director of the office in Jakarta. ( Additionally, I recommend you see our information here:

    Best wishes and keep in touch.


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