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New Beginnings – A great start to 2010

by Erik Presley | March 16, 2010 | Erik Presley (USA) 0 Comments

Birth of My Fourth Son

I’m excited about 2010 a complete number, an even number year. This year is exciting on so many fronts personally and professionally.

Last month I celebrated with my wife the birth of our fourth son, Nathanael James Presley, pictured here with his family.

President's Family 2010

President's Family 2010

Each of our sons are gifts to us from the Father. When we look into our little son’s face we see our other boys as well. It’s amazing how we all resemble each other physically. At the same time as our boys grow and mature they take on their own personality, talents and character. “Nate” will follow like us to grow into a wonderful young boy and then a man one day. These days he’s completely dependent on us and has a fresh start in life. The future is bright, clear and full of opportunities.

China Office

This month we have a new member of our team operating out of Shanghai, China. Mr. Bowen Shen joins ELI 360 as the China Market Manager replacing Ms. Qing Gao who has moved into her new role in China as the Operations Manager. Bowen was a student at one of our partner universities and since finishing his masters he has been helping young Chinese students gain admission into U.S. universities. During the last four years he has been instrumental in helping specific programs become the success they are today.

His addition to the team marks a greater commitment by ELI 360 to meet the needs of the market in China and to ELI 360’s partner universities . I believe this year we will have a much stronger sales network in the number two (2) country of origin for exchange students. His responsibilities will focus on market and brand development. As with Nate, ELI 360 has great opportunities ahead in China. Welcome to the Team Bowen!

ELI 360 Launches an ESL Program

In cooperation with a local university partner, Hardin-Simmons (HSU),

HSU Students

HSU Students

ELI 360 will be able to offer an intensive English program to increase the number of exchange students who need a semester or year of English before matriculating into the university’s programs. With our company increasing our presence in markets like China and India it is becoming more essential to have an ESL program that can offer students F1 visas. Through our partnership HSU will now be able to serve a much larger market with university placement desires.

Both HSU and ELI 360 are very excited to be offering this program starting August of this year. Again, there are great opportunities for the company but even more importantly to the international student market that needs increased English proficiency before entering regular university classes.

New Markets

ELI 360 is also moving into additional markets this year with a growth in our network. Recently completed was a discovery trip to Dubai where we will certainly work to develop a strong presence for our university partners. After several months of research I personally went to meet with high schools, administration and local families. The opportunities are so great that I will be returning to launch an intentional effort on behalf of our Global Advance partners. This will include setting up a local representative office.

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