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by Erik Presley | September 21, 2009 | Erik Presley (USA) 0 Comments

ELI 360's TEAMAt this moment here at the start of this academic year’s roadshows I am reminded that at the beginning of this year I declared it “a year of belief.” As a company we create strategies, initiatives and projects all the time much like all other organizations and companies. Yet, at the same time our efforts are only a small part of something much larger.

Our overseas team informs us of trends and developments locally. Furthermore, they offer families direct contact with ELI 360. Yet they too are only parts of something much larger. What ELI 360 has to offer the education world is the bridge and partnership between nations. It is developed from a network of relationships that collectively have an interest to see the improved wellbeing of all young students and their families. This network to function well is required to have a great amount of trust and belief in the other parts.

ELI 360’s partner universities, overseas associates, business partners and friends together offer international families something very unique. That uniqueness is driven by a set of values for excellence, stewardship, care and service. In no other part of the education world do we know of a TEAM that can give families this uniqueness. This TEAM believes further in being part of a service in the education world that is unmatched at public/state universities and most private ones as well.

Our company with great diligence researches, studies, develops, trains and informs the education world of the latest issues and needs. This reality in our service provides families a wealth of expertise which they can trust during their efforts to find the best institution and it comes with something of great value.

Peace of mind and an assurance of the best value when the education purchase is made. A uniqueness that gives parents an assurance their child will have the opportunity to develop in strong character, leadership that endures the tests of time and intellect.

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