Ted Presley (Founder)

Bound for India

by Ted Presley | September 7, 2009 | Ted Presley (Founder) 0 Comments

200px-India_1947_India_Flag_3_and_half_annasIn just 24 hours, I will begin the long trek to Hyderabad and Bangalore, India, where I will meet students, parents and private school administrators that are searching for top-quality private universities in the U.S. for further studies.

On behalf of ELI 360, I will also begin our work with our newest Independent Associate, Mr. Sam Balachander, a well-known leader in the Indian Christian community. We are optimistic about the future of working with Sam and his colleagues and optimistic about bringing many young Indian students to the smaller, private universities in the ELI 360 group. Their presence on these campuses will contribute toward the education of the American students as well as other international students already here.

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