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How to Choose a Career

by Ted Presley | November 27, 2009 | Ted Presley (Founder) 0 Comments

World Professions

World Professions

Far too many people select a course of study that leads to a career based on some popular notion about “how to get rich.” Even parents sometimes push their children toward a major at the university that is believed to guarantee a high salary. Such thinking, though well-intentioned, frequently results in a lifetime of drudgery at work.

COO of Microsoft

COO of Microsoft

Kevin Turner is the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Microsoft after a successful career as President and CEO at Sam’s Club, a division of Wal Mart. Kevin’s new job places him over 32,000 employees around the world, a global organization that produced more than $40 billion U.S. during 2005 alone.

During a recent speech given to a group of university students, Turner told the crowd to “pick a profession you can believe in…believe in your cause. Aspire to be a part of something bigger, and something that you can dedicate yourself to.”

In this presentation, Turner reminisced about his former boss, Sam Walton the founder of Wal Mart, and compared him to his current boss, Bill Gates. Turner stressed that the philosophy of Walton and Gates reflected a desire to improve people and businesses around the world. They did NOT work for money but rather “to make things and the communities around them better.”

This philosophy lifts an individual above the masses that stagnate in self-centeredness. It provides a sense of purpose and meaning to a young life that leads to higher productivity and satisfaction at work. Clearly, this philosophy of work should guide young people as they consider their choices of career and major at the university. When a person combines this way of thinking with a realistic assessment of his/her talents and abilities, good choices can be made.

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