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Lipscomb’s Missions Department to provide Real-World Experience for Campers

by Ted Presley | June 20, 2011 | Ted Presley (Founder) 0 Comments

Lipscomb University’s missions department is bringing missionary training to a whole new level by introducing its first one of a kind Missions Camp (July 10-15). What makes this camp unique is that students will be given the opportunity to be immersed in a third-world environment without having to leave the country.

The Lipscomb Missions Camp Campgrounds in Dickson County will resemble the villages in Ulpan Valley in Guatemala (pictures above, picture by Jerry Atnip)

The Lipscomb Missions Camp Campgrounds in Dickson County will resemble the villages in Ulpan Valley in Guatemala (pictures above, picture by Jerry Atnip)

In order to adequately prepare future missionaries for the challenges they could potentially face in the mission field, Lipscomb University’s mission department has set up a simulation of typical Guatemalan village on a farm in Dickson County.

The article highlighting this new opportunity gives the reason behind Lipscomb University’s  Mission Camp: “Youth today are more globally minded than any generation before them, but great passion does not always translate into great preparation. The real cultural challenges and logistical frustrations of international mission work can often be draining to mission-minded teens and young adults.”

According to Kristopher Hatchell, missions coordinator external affairs, ““Lipscomb’s Missions Camp will show future missionaries that international mission work is a careful balance between evangelism and meeting physical needs. For many years our Christian community has focused on evangelism only. Now mission efforts often focus too much on providing food, water and shelter only. It needs to be a balance in-between.”

The Missions Camp’s goal is to provide young missionary-hopefuls with a holistic and realistic mission experience. Lipscomb plans to expand the camp grounds, as well as the number of camp participants over the next few years.

Lipscomb’s cultivation of this program demonstrates the increasing need for higher education to lead the way in providing students with real-world experiences. After all, the purpose of education is not to merely impart head-knowledge, but to prepare the entire student to face the challenges of the world, wherever he or she is headed.

To learn more about this opportunity at Lipscomb University, click on the link below:

Lipscomb holds first Missions Camp with simulated Guatemalan village in Dickson

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