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Why would anyone NOT want to participate?

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Some things seem to me to be so common sense! But to others the positive effects of living abroad serve as a topic for serious academic research. INSEAD has posted on YouTube an interview with professor William Maddux, and presents a compelling argument for extended study abroad programs. “Does living abroad make you more creative”? asked the commentator. Maddux and other research colleagues establish the fact that living abroad results in increased creativity. In fact, says Maddux, the longer one lives abroad, the greater the level of creativity achieved by the individual.

Given the rapidly changing world of today, a world that is shrinking because of technology and travel, greater creativity is required in the workplace to solve old problems, provide new services and discover new ways to utilize the latest technologies. As long as a person only knows one way of performing a task or solving a problem, he or she will remain bound to that one way. Living abroad affords the individual many opportunities to discover that other culture groups view problems and situations from a variety of perspectives. Education is not so much about “filling the mind” but rather “opening the mind” to the world about us.

Take a few minutes and hear what this research project discovered.


After you have listened to the experts describe the positive results in terms of greater creativity, start looking for a study abroad program that will teach you to see the world from various perspectives instead of only one.

The Nations at ELI 360 Universities

The Nations at ELI 360 Universities

ELI 360 partners with many universities that invest heavily in hiring highly qualified professors that enjoy teaching young students how to think creatively and conduct research at higher levels. Creativity can be learned in these smaller classes through the mentoring of experienced professors. Earn a degree from one of these U.S. universities!

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