New ESL Program at Hardin-Simmons University

October 15, 2010 0 Comments

Hardin-Simmons University, in collaboration with ELI 360, recently launched its new English as a Second Language (ESL) Program in the Fall Semester of 2010. The groundbreaking program currently consist of five students from mainland China. Read more about this program and how it has been highlighted on the local news channel.

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Lessons from China’s Current Employment Crisis.

September 14, 2010 0 Comments

China’s current crop of university graduates are faced with a competitive job market with extremely bleak prospects. Over 25% of 2010’s graduates are still unemployed. What is causing this crisis and what lessons can we draw from it?

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Enrollment up in the U.S. for S&E Students

July 9, 2010 0 Comments

this month’s report from the National Science Foundation (NSF) foreign enrollment in the U.S. went up by 3% from 2008 despite

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Founders Celebrate with Students

June 4, 2010 0 Comments

For Ted Presley, founder of ELI 360, and his wife Ellen this month was a great opportunity to celebrate with local students at two partner universities who celebrated the completion of their undergraduate studies. When ELI 360

The Globalization of American Education Part II: Its Implications on Lower to Secondary Education

April 28, 2010 0 Comments

In the world of politics and policy making, the Obama administration has caught on that the internationalization of American higher education is indeed inevitable. In fact, the internationalization of education has become so crucial that it has begun to trickle down into the secondary and lower education in the United States

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The Globalization of American Higher Education

April 22, 2010 0 Comments

“The internationalization of American higher education is both inevitable and important, but progress requires vision and leadership”. – Nancy L. Zimpher.

The 2009-10 Officers of Abilene Christian Universities' International Student Association.

The 2009-10 Officers of Abilene Christian Universities' International Student Association.

University-bound students today find themselves in a world much different from the one that their parents experienced twenty or thirty years ago. …read more

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Private Universities in India Embrace the Liberal Arts Model of Higher Education

April 14, 2010 0 Comments

One country seeking to emulate the traditional higher education powerhouses is India. Traditionally, the task of educating India’s youth has long been that of the federal government. However, in recent years, the private sector has realized the shortcomings of a federal education system, particularly on the university level. In view of this, a crop of exceptional and accomplished Indian businessmen has risen to the task of increasing the opportunities for and quality of education in India

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Devastation in the Carribean

January 21, 2010 0 Comments

Haiti Earthquake Results in Mass Destruction and Loss of Life

Once again, Mother Nature has brought the world to a standstill. On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake ripped through Haiti. This tiny Caribbean nation is home to an estimated nine million people. About 80% of them live beneath the poverty level with 54% of them living in abject poverty. What has truly caught the attention of the world is not the force of the earthquake but the deadly aftermath which has already reached an estimated death toll of 200,000. …read more

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IIE reports Cross-Culture Education An Advantage in U.S. Business

October 27, 2009 0 Comments

The global community that exists today will only continue to expand in future years. Leaders today and in the future will have to understand multiple languages, cultures, and “the emotions that drive the global forces” to understand business and politics.

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Tragedy in the Pacific Belt

October 1, 2009 0 Comments

The earthquake that struck western Indonesia on Wednesday. . .