Corporate History

The purpose of ELI 360 is to network families with higher education and professional institutions for the development of intellect, character, and leadership ability of young students with the ultimate goal of societies’ transformation toward a better life for all. Both families and institutions are served and students are cared for based on principles of highest standards.

  • People come first and will be treated with individual attention.
  • We believe our Creator God has endowed mankind with a sense of good and the creativity to build quality communities and societies that respect all peoples.
  • We will only represent what we believe in and believe to be the best for our clients.
  • Our word is our bond.

Experience Life International, Inc. founders have over 30 years of experience in higher education, international corporations and the study abroad industry. They have helped hundreds of students come to the US to complete their degrees. One of their pioneering efforts in the study abroad industry was to help a private university select, admit and prepare 24 students from among over 1000 of the top national candidates in the country of Madagascar.

As a group, these students were assisted by Ted and Ellen from the time they were admitted by the university and approved by the country’s Ministry of Education until the students were studying in their classrooms. ELI 360 will continue to refine and develop such national projects as a key to unlocking corporations’ and societies’ effectiveness through the improvement of people’s total well-being.

Students who gain such an excellent education and enlarged worldview contribute directly to national gains in productivity. The founders have been a part of developing paradigms for globalization strategies for over 17 years within the US private university sector. They have worked with cross-culture negotiations between institutions as well as between corporations in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Ted Presley, Founder and Vice President of International Development for ELI 360, previously was the Executive Director of the Center for International and Intercultural Education of a large private university based in Texas with a student body that represented over sixty (60) countries. As a team, he and Ellen, his wife for over 40 years and who is from Germany, developed and executed the university’s globalization plan that enabled international students to succeed not only in their academic pursuits but in developing their leadership skills.

A component of this initiative was the behind the scenes efforts to ensure student compliance with US government requirements and the students’ adaptation to the new surroundings each international student must deal with in coming to the US to study. Both Ted and Ellen understand the issues one faces in living in a foreign country. Ellen’s first experience was that of becoming an international student herself when she studied in both Spain and the US for her undergraduate degree.

As a couple they have lived on two different continents and traveled to all continents except the Antarctic. With their son, Erik Presley, they have focused their initial efforts on the Asian market looking to develop the market and elaborate a new way to integrate the study abroad experience with reentry programs that include job placement and mentoring programs.

Today the company has corporate offices in Texas, Jakarta, Indonesia and Shanghai, China and associate offices in many countries around the world. From the first day the founders started to assist universities and non-US families match for the best fit and values for the young students until today ELI 360 has focused on helping young people develop in character, leadership and intellect.

Ted and Ellen Presley, World Travelers and Culture Experts with knowledge of six different languages between them.

Ted and Ellen Presley, World Travelers and Culture Experts with knowledge of six different languages between them.

Erik President Tie Agent Pic

Erik Presley, Culture Enthusiast and Marketplace Minister who grew up as a tri-culture kid (German, American and Argentine).