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ELI 360 High School Selection Criteria

College Preparatory: The private Christian high schools that ELI 360 works with are all college preparatory schools. This means that the curriculum at these high schools is centered on the sole purpose of cultivating high school students who are ready to meet the challenges of studying in a university setting.

College Credit: The high schools that ELI 360 has chosen offer students the opportunity to gain college credit while studying in the high school. That means students will enter their university career with some number of university credits. That means a student should be able to finish their bachelor’s degree in less time.

Cost: High school students will receive a quality education at a fraction of what most other private high schools will cost per year.

Experienced Teachers: Most of the educators at these high schools have at least a Master’s degree or a doctorate while the rest will have a bachelor’s degree. As such, the teachers working with the students are well-trained experts in their field with years of experience.

Private Universities: high school students from these high schools will have access to opportunities to further their education at any of the top private universities that ELI 360 partners with.

Homestay: Students will not be living in dormitories like if they were to study at a boarding school. ELI 360’s high schools all have homestay programs that integrate the international students into local families. This allows the students to have proper supervision, as well as an exposure to the American culture and family life.

Tutoring: All ELI 360 high schools offer additional tutoring for international students who are unfamiliar with the English language. Special attention is given to international students in order to help them better adapt to the culture and education system of the U.S.

Safety: All ELI 360 high school campuses are safe environments with proper supervision. All schools have also been accredited and are subject to inspections by the accreditation boards.

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ELI 360 Available States

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