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Taking Education a Step Further

ELI 360 understands that international education is a good beginning for a life-long journey in professional development.  Your career choice is an important decision and your education can be the cornerstone of that career.  If you are like most young people, you have several ideas for careers you might like to explore.  If that is the case, it is not too early to begin an individual coaching relationship.

Studies have shown that individuals who are working in a field they enjoy are more productive and add valuable contributions to their employers.  Employees who have worked with a coach have increased self-awareness, lower stress levels, greater self-confidence and are better able to set goals.  According to Lee Hecht Harrison, an international career coaching and leadership consulting firm, professionals who use a coach during their career search spend up to 46% less time in job transition than those who do not.

Heidi Carmichael, Certified Career Coach, excels in helping professionals discover their life’s work through the coaching process.  She has developed a program for training in all aspects of effective current search mechanics.  Heidi’s passion is to help individuals meet their personal career goals.  She is qualified to help you find direction as you consider your educational goals and professional career goals.

Coaching Process Features:

Coaching is a dynamic process in which you and your coach explore your ideal job and dream career.  During the coaching process, you will receive:

Career Coaching Process

“You have definitely exceeded my expectations.  You provided all the tools I needed to put myself in the ‘driver’s seat’ of my career search.  I also think the forms you included throughout the manual were very effective.  The resume writing worksheets you have included, for example, take what can be a very intimidating process for some people and breaks it down into smaller, more manageable pieces.”  -Lori K, Retail Manager

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