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Admission 360 is a complete-care placement service for families who are going through the process of choosing a U.S. educational institution known for academic excellence in a safe and friendly environment. Admission 360 ensures that families will receive the best value for the investment they make in their child’s education and the peace of mind that comes with knowing their child will be prepared for an overseas transition and supported upon arrival in the U.S. If you are ready to work with us you can apply on-line today and get started with Admission 360.

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First DaysUSA Prepare for Your Future – It has taken many days, weeks and months of hard work to secure admission into a college or university in the U.S. You are in the process of getting your visa, or perhaps it has already been approved. It is time to transition from thinking about possibilities to planning for realities. You are about to board a plane, leave your family and friends and head to a new country and environment.

ELI 360 and English Now! offer a program that will enhance your child’s ability to successfully transition into their new environment in the U.S. and be prepared for the challenges of their studies.

Career CoachingCareer Coaching - Taking education a step further. ELI 360 offers students during their academic career and post-graduation career coaching services. Your next job position should be attained based on a solid career strategy and plan. Our certified coaches and student service team can help you build your strategy while still at the university. This will improve your efforts once you graduate and apply for an H1 visa.