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First Steps in America – A Great Adventure

The First Days of a great adventure as a new student in a new country will soon begin.  Whether you are the student that will travel to the U.S. for advanced studies, or the student is your son or daughter, it is natural to feel some concern about the transition.

Years of preparation have brought you to this moment, and you feel ready. But who will meet you at the airport? Will they take time to answer your questions? Will you feel safe? How will you adjust to the culture?

At this critical point in your studies, we invite you to join us in the nation’s capital for First DaysUSA – Washington Welcome!

Prepare for Your Future

It has taken many days, weeks and months of hard work to secure admission into a college or university in the U.S. You are in the process of getting your visa, or perhaps it has already been granted. It is time to transition from thinking about possibilities to planning for realities. You are about to board a plane, leave your family and friends and travel to a new country.

For parents, this is a major investment in your child’s and your family’s future. This comes with considerable financial cost, but it also comes with great potential. What can you do to ensure your child’s future successes?

First DaysUSA – Washington Welcome!

ELI 360 and English Now! offer a program that will enhance international students’ abilities to successfully transition into their new environment in the U.S. and be prepared for the challenges of their studies.

First DaysUSA – Washington Welcome! provides students essential tools to help them understand American culture, U.S. English and the education system.

The program will be offered during three weeks in August, just before the academic year begins. Each student will gain vital language, culture and academic skills before they enter their first class at their U.S. university. With over 25 years of experience in international education, we have assembled the very best resources to provide students a strong foundation on which to build their academic career.

First DaysUSA! creates an environment where you feel welcomed to the U.S. and also gain essential skills that will increase your ability to succeed academically. You will be known by name and will make the transition to your U.S. university studies in a safe environment. Our team is with you as you enter American life.

First DaysUSA’s official campus is in Washington DC at the nation’s capitol.

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White HouseA three week course delivered in partnership with English Now!

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