Top Ten Reasons

Top ten reasons to study in private universities:

  1. highly ranked among universities that offer the best educational value to students and their families
  2. academic excellence; highly ranked in U.S. News and World Report, Peterson’s Guide and Princeton Review
  3. high acceptance rate into further studies and/or work force – national average is 65% compared to ELI 360’s universities that offer acceptance rates of 85% or higher
  4. greater opportunities for professional and leadership development
  5. higher number of classes taught by professors with a Ph.D. in their field
  6. low faculty to student ratios, typically 14:1 to 20:1
  7. education is focused on character building as well as academics
  8. education that is offered in a safe and nurturing environment
  9. professors who committed to individualized attention and building long-term relationships
  10. alumni bonds that are nurtured through university activities, newsletters and homecoming events


Top ten reasons to work with ELI 360

  1. personalized care and contact with students and parents
  2. one application for multiple university admission requests
  3. highly trained staff with over 50 combined years of international education and business experience
  4. a welcome basket with basic needs to help students settle into university residence halls
  5. expert advice and placement assistance that is cost efficient
  6. up-to-date information and advice on student visa regulations and policies
  7. commitment to the wellbeing of students from beginning to end
  8. frequent updates throughout the placement process
  9. priority-one care for young students
  10. opportunity to build global awareness and cross-cultural competence


ELI 360 helped secure a total of $137,660 in annual scholarship awards for students placed at its partner universities in 2008.  These awards will be worth more than $550,000 over the course of their studies.

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