Alumni Interviews: Dan Sanders, CEO

Dan Sanders

”For any aspiring professional, Lubbock Christian University should be strongly considered for its commitment to learning, but, more importantly, its commitment to producing effective leaders.”

ELI 360: Why is a private university like LCU the right choice for an undergraduate degree?

Dan: “Vital organizations today understand their purpose for existence has both pragmatic and moral dimensions. Lubbock Christian graduates tend to assume leadership roles in organizations because they have a proper balance of academic understanding and active moral virtue. The professors at LCU recognize that great teaching is made more compelling when delivered in the context of a “higher purpose.” For any aspiring professional, LCU should be strongly considered for its commitment to learning, but, more importantly, its commitment to producing effective leaders.”

ELI 360: Tell us how LCU was well suited to help you develop your leadership skill and give you the abilities to have influence in your own industry and community.

Dan: “Like many young people, I arrived at college with some trepidation and reservation. However, the size of the student body allows newcomers to make friends quickly. A wide variety of social activities and academic programs also ensures involvement. This was certainly the case for me. During my four years at LCU, I played baseball, served as vice president of the student body and president of the inter-club council. Additionally, I had the opportunity to serve as a charter member of the Students in Free Enterprise program that continues to earn national honors by competing favorably head-to-head with Ivy League schools in national competitions held throughout the country. I also experienced a fulfilling four years as a member of the speech and debate teams. The skills derived from these activities made a real difference for me. Lubbock Christian University provided so much more than a degree – they provided a basis for leadership potential.”

Dan Sanders is in his third year as the Chief Executive Officer of United Supermarkets, Ltd. United operates 47 retail supermarket stores in 26 cities throughout Texas and employs 8,000 team members. In addition to serving on the board of advisors at United, Dan currently holds leadership roles at the Food Marketing Institute, based in Washington D.C., and numerous Lubbock-based non-profit organizations. He was the 2006 Honorary Chairman for March of Dimes WalkAmerica.

Almost 1 million guests shop United stores every week. While one may notice some differences between stores, one thing is always the same: United Supermarkets still embodies the philosophy of its founder – quality, value, guest service and community involvement. “We believe our growth and success are tied to our unwavering commitment to service – to our guests, team members and communities. This philosophy is summed up in our Mission: ‘Ultimate Service. Superior Performance. Positive Impact.’”