Alumni Interviews: Dr. Rocky McAdams


”By the end of the first semester of medical school I began to realize that I was very well prepared for the University of Texas Medical School because of the education I received at HSU & most likely was more prepared than the majority of my classmates.”

ELI 360: How well do you feel your education at HSU prepared you for your medical school career?

I was very nervous about starting medical school and thinking of all the information I was about to have to learn. Slowly during the first year I began to realize that almost everything we were learning I had already been taught at HSU. I think HSU’s pre-med program did a great job of covering all the basic science knowledge we were expected to learn before medical school.

ELI 360: If you compare your education at HSU with that of your peers who studied at large state universities, what would you say: were you less prepared, more prepared or equally prepared?

Rocky: This also relates to what I said above in that I felt intimidated by all the big name universities being represented from all over the country on the first day of medical school. I have friends from some of those schools who have been amazed when I’ve said something like “I took a class on this (virology)” or “I did a presentation on that” because they had never even seen the material. By the end of the first semester I began to realize that I was very well prepared and most likely more so than the majority of my classmates.

ELI 360: The education you received at HSU stood out in what way?

Rocky: The biggest difference an education at HSU provides over many other schools is the individual and personal nature of the training. I know many of the faculty on a personal level and knew that they cared about my education and my future as a physician. The class size allowed for direct dialogue with the professor during a lecture where one can ask questions and discuss topics in a rich and dynamic learning environment much like the medical training I am receiving now. That is something you do not get at large institutions. HSU’s classroom style made me a better student and person.

ELI 360: Besides the education you received at HSU did you have opportunities to develop your leadership skills and build your resume?

Rocky: There are many opportunities to get involved in a number of different activities and organizations. One of the most beneficial for me was the Pre-Health Club that gave step by step preparation to applying and getting into medical school as well as opening the door for a number of other leadership and service opportunities that all helped my resume stand out. I knew very few HSU students that were not involved with at least 1 group or organization, the opportunities are endless.

ELI 360: If you were to give a high school senior insights into making decisions about a university, what would you want to tell them about private Christian universities in general?

Rocky: Making a decision about what university to attend is a daunting task. There are many great schools all across the country that provide a great education. The difference lies within the environment in which you will be learning. Christian education is unique in that it truly is about the development of the whole person, not just test scores and prestige. I would encourage any high school senior to really evaluate a school for its ability to cultivate you into the person you ultimately want to become and be proud of regardless of the school name.