Alumni Interviews: Desmond Yeo, CEO

Desmond Yeo

“After 10 years in the “professional world” I think that what prepared me to take on the duties of GFT’s leader for Asia were two things: 1) the training I received during my undergraduate studies at a top quality private U.S. university and 2) my work experiences while at UOB Kay Hian. In addition, at the university I enjoyed a great community of friends and professors that helped me sharpen my leadership skills and develop a strong character that endures through difficult times.”

ELI 360: When you were looking for a university what was most important in your search?

Desmond:A reputable educational program with good student to teacher ratio.

ELI360: What benefits did you find in going to the private university you attended?

Desmond:Access to teachers was great, so was the ability to get hands on experience in some of the modules.

ELI 360:How well did your professors do at teaching and at taking personal interest in your education? (You can answer this in two parts.)

Desmond:With a smaller student to teacher ratio, I felt that there was more personal attention. Thereby enabling some of the professors to tweak some of their teaching methods for some of the students.

ELI 360:How much extra curricular activity did you participate in and what was it?

Desmond:Not much. I only work for the school newspaper and was in charge of the advertising.

ELI 360: How important was your resume in finding a job and what did you believe was most important about your resume?

Desmond:Extremely important. It helped that I was able to show that I had work experience while going through college.

ELI 360:When you went for your first job interview what helped you stand out among your peers?

Desmond:Firstly, my course demonstrated a well rounded education and my work experience helped tremendously.

Desmond Yeo was assisted by the founders of ELI 360 to select and gain admission into the private university he attended in the early ‘90s.