Unforgettable Experience

Speaking from my experience, I would say that the well selected private university of UMHB to enroll in spring 2009 was for me as a moroccan  an unforgettable experience. Inside a small university with small class sizes which always allows student to be in a harmonic and proper climate for good studying additionnally the multichoices of programs was a much better fit for me over other public universities.



This university was a family envirement , so u can’t feel loneliness so far from home, always surrounded by nice people, alumni and staff, such great people like Mrs. Elizabeth Tanaka ( International students office), Dean Jim King( buisness departement) and so on.

I really did enjoy being with them.  I did learn a lot through this university especially it’s a chritian one which opened my mind to a real undestanding of another faith since we still live kind of isolation from each other in all over the world, because of the lack of communication which leads to keep our minds with limited understanding if not misunderstanding. I always felt welcome and a part of the student life.

I was playing and participating in some UMHB events, such as soccer, cultural nights,…. Alongside to my studies i was working out, playing basketball, sprinting. It’s a place where you can achieve better mentally and phisically, where you can never be the same person thanks to ELI360 who did great help to have me over there.

Concerning the teachers and their lectures, they were so kind too, making it a piece of cake for everybody to reach all they desire to. All were so helpful especially when they know I am a freshman from another country who didn’t use to communicate in English, I spoke mostly just French and Arabic. That made them give more and more help, even my classmates were so kind too, they provided me with rides to do my shoppings and go where ever I wanted.

It’s really was an unforgatable experience with all meaning.

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