Letter from the Founder

Dear Parent,

Please receive warmest greetings from ELI 360 with best wishes to you and your family. Thank you for your interest in ELI 360 study abroad programs. We know that deciding to study abroad is a major undertaking. You are faced with many decisions about program options, credit transfer, financial aid, campus environment and so on. Our team has extensive international experience with offices in both Asia and North America.

We at ELI 360 have spent the last 25 years working with families much like yours, families that are concerned about the future wellbeing of their children. We would appreciate the opportunity of assisting you and your child in the important process of selecting the university where your child will grow and mature into successful professionals.

ELI 360 represents Christian universities in North America that focus on providing young people an excellent academic program with the latest technology available and in a safe environment. These universities have been selected because they maintain a low faculty/student ratio and hire faculty who care about their students and mentor them as well as teach them. These universities are fully accredited and have been recognized nationally for having achieved numerous awards in the areas of academics, athletics and performing arts.

As a parent, I understand your concern and know that you want the very best for your child. We at ELI 360 feel the same responsibility as you and want to make sure that your child attends the university that best matches his or her career goals and personal needs. As you look for guidance in finding the right university we believe you need a company that will continue to be of support after your child has been admitted into the university. We pledge to continue to work with you and your child, even after being admitted, to assist in every way we can. Our goal is for your child to return home after graduation as a successful professional who is prepared to lead and serve for the betterment of the family and society in general.

Please contact us and allow us to explain how ELI 360 can partner with you in the university selection process, in the application and admission process and in the preparation of your child for study in the U.S. at reasonable tuition and living costs at a top quality university.

Best wishes,

Ted Presley

Experience Life International is committed to the worldwide development of people and ideas for the increased wellbeing of all nations.

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