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by themeslice | September 6, 2012 | inFocus

E3G Elements is a 10 month intentional and meaningful career and education coaching program designed for junior and senior level high school students. The ultimate goal of this program is to work alongside students through the self-discovery process, leading them toward careers that are an excellent match to their individual Blueprint, which consists of strengths, skills, talents, motivators, values, preferences and gifts. Using this program, students will be better equipped to make life-long choices about areas of study, best fit within industry, profession and functional areas of expertise.

To this end, the E3G Elements program provides information delivered through cutting-edge technology, assessments, and action plans developed by our professional career coaches. Through this effort, students can begin to comprehend themselves as whole persons. The assessment battery will provide them an understanding of their personal Blueprint.

It is our aspiration that the program guide students toward their ”fit” in society, and then equip them with the tools and gear needed to succeed on this life-long career discovery experience.


To enroll in E3G Elements follow the instructions below:

1. Each student, or group of students must have an adult sponsor who will ensure that positive steps are being taken by each sponsored student. This sponsor will provide for the student resources such as internet connection, accountability and encouragement to complete the required work and respond to communication from the career coach who will be working with the student throughout the 10 month duration of E3G Elements.

2. Once a sponsor has been established for a student, follow this link to access the online enrollment form. Please fill out all areas and indicate how you will be paying for the program. Save the PDF document to your computer and email it directly to danny_ellison@eli360.com.

E3G Elements Enrollment Form

3. Proceed to payment. Once this has been verified by our staff, your student(s) will be enrolled in E3G Elements and assigned to one of our professional career coaches.

4. At this point you will receive a welcome packet outlining the program and the various milestones involved in the Blueprint discovery process.

If you would like to enroll in E3G Elements and you are having trouble using this online enrollment process, please call our offices and we would be glad to assist you over the phone.  (325) 261-3385

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