An Interview with LCU Freshman Andre Palit

by Benjamin Skye | June 6, 2011 | Newsletters 0 Comments

Andre Palit, a first semester freshman at Lubbock Christian University from Tanjungpinang, Indonesia received an award from LCU’s Science Department for being the top achiever in biology for the Spring 2011 semester. ELI 360 caught up with him recently for an interview to see what Andre has to share with future students regarding his first semester in the U.S.

Andre Palit at the LCU Campus during his first days in America. Since then, he has gone on to successfully complete his first semester as well as receiving the top award for academic achievement in biology.

Andre Palit at the LCU Campus during his first days in America. Since then, he has gone on to successfully complete his first semester as well as receiving the top award for academic achievement in biology.

Andre, what was your first impression about Lubbock Christian University when you were applying?

Initially, I was not quite sure whether LCU would be as good as a place as was promoted. I also had my reservations about the friendliness of the environment since it was a point that was advertised a lot.

Now that you are almost at the end of your first semester, was choosing LCU a good choice?

LCU was definitely a good choice; of all the places to be for my university life, LCU has great classes and a friendly environment that fits me perfectly.

What is your major and why did you choose it?

I am currently majoring in pre-med. My parents chose this degree for me despite my other options. Nevertheless, I have come to appreciate my major and am thankful that I have parents who know me and care about my future.

How do you feel about the program that you are majoring in at LCU?

I am really enjoying the pre-medicine program at LCU. I really appreciate having a friendly personal academic advisor that I can sit down with and discuss about what classes to take.

What was your favorite class from the first year and who was your favorite teacher?

My favorite class this semester would be biology lab because it was my first encounter with a real laboratory. My favorite professor must be Mr. Darrel Price, the personal fitness professor. He tries to help me in my spiritual life as well as in his class.

How is studying at LCU different from studying back home?

Study at LCU is in many ways different from back home. In my high school, we were studying in a self-paced system in which every student does his work independently. Here at university, I am exposed to internet resources (Moodle) and in some cases discussion format classes that require me to engage with other students and the professors.

Name one of your most memorable experiences from your first year at LCU.

This freshman award must be the most memorable experience here at LCU. I couldn’t believe that I wash the best achiever in biology (this being my first semester).

If you could name three of the things you enjoy the most at LCU, what would the top three be?

Three things I enjoy most: helpful professors, friendly environment, and the tons of resources to tap into!

Overall, tell us what your experience at LCU like in your first year. How did you find the environment?

In general, LCU life has been a really great experience. Compared to where I come from, this campus is loaded with awesome resources just waiting for someone to tap into. The people are surprisingly friendly, and I need not worry about getting hurt by others. Professors and advisors strive to make students successful, and they are friendly enough to talk to when you do not understand something. LCU is a good place to be.

What does this award mean to you and your family and what are your goals for the next three years of your undergraduate career?

I view this award as source of encouragement and motivation that will push me to do better in my college career. If I can achieve this much already in my first semester, who knows what other great things I can do in the future? This award is a reminder that if I work hard, it will pay off eventually. For my future in LCU, I hope to keep up the good work that I have started and build upon that. There must be something better lying ahead in my college study.

Any plans this summer? Will you be going home?

I won’t be going home this summer, but I will be going to summer school instead. I want to make the most of my youthful years by studying as much as I can in order to prepare for a better future ahead of me.


Andre is the eldest son of Mr. Fentje Palit and Mrs. Esther Tangkulung Palit and was born on February 17, 1994. Andre has two younger siblings, Renata and Ryan and is graduated high school from Fawnridge Christian Academy, Indonesia, in 2010. He arrived in Lubbock, Texas to study at LCU in the Spring of 2011 (January) and is currently enrolled in summer school there.

ELI 360 would like to congratulate Andre and the Palit family upon Andre’s achievements in his first semester at LCU. We continue to wish him all the best as he works towards completing his pre-medicine degree at LCU!

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