How to Change the World

by Ayrea | September 12, 2008 | Newsletters 0 Comments

Entrepreneurs whose Innovations Change Societies

September 12, 2008
Recently while traveling in Asia the President of ELI 360 read an article in the newspaper “The Nation”, one of Thailand’s English papers, regarding the release of a Thai version of a book written by David Bornstein.

The book entitled How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas discusses people with the initiative and courage to try out new ideas, who seek to connect with other change-makers, and who can bring changes that improve the lives and unleash the potential of thousands or even millions of others.

The author tells about such initiatives as Jeroo Billimoria’s Childline India, a child protection service that was developed to provide a 24-hour toll-free telephone hotline to connect children at risk with an extensive network of hundreds of child-service organisations. Now ordinary citizens, policemen or social workers can assist children in danger at any time.

Ideas like Jeroo’s or even the author’s own initiative to write such material provides a clear indication that when individuals gain the knowledge or experience of societal stresses and become educated they are proned to see their life as part of something bigger. More importantly, some people then tend to try and improve an area of society where stress, fracture or complete breakdown has occured in some region of the world. Because such positive praxis exists ELI 360 works diligently to provide the opportunity to international students to gain a top quality education at private universities in the U.S.

With the news article and its story regarding the power of social entrepreneurs the president was reminded of its partnership with Leadership International. For this month’s newsletter he wanted to promote the opportunity of gaining financial aid through the application for scholarships offered by Leadership International.

Leadership International a partner to ELI 360 has developed scholarship awards for first year (freshman) international students who have demonstrated their own initiative to improve the lives of others. These scholarships will be awarded to students who will enroll next August 2009 at a university that ELI 360 represents.

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