A brief history of ELI 360 Guidance (E3G)

by Bians | March 26, 2014 | Newsletters 0 Comments


ELI 360 began in 2004 as an answer to the founder’s desire to promote the exchange of people and ideas for the betterment of all nations. We set out to identify promising international students and connect them with trusted U.S. Christian universities in an effort to build leaders who would return to their home country with the desire to promote integrity and positive changes in their respective fields.

Over the years we noticed that the families and students with whom we were consulting had little to no understanding of a congruent and suitable career pathway to pursue. Nor did they possess adequate knowledge of the benefits of a liberal arts education or individual choice of academic direction. This prompted us to begin to develop a way to help these students progressively learn about these differences and opportunities prior to their coming to the US for study. From this effort, the basic concepts undergirding E3G were born, and over the past three years we have developed these concepts into a working model for career-based, experiential learning facilitated directly within an existing classroom environment that facilitates maximum student impact with minimal time requirements.

The Program was developed and piloted during the course of the 2010-2011 school year in a private U.S. Christian school environment, and launched as version 1.0 in a few similar environments internationally. Since this time, E3G has undergone many changes and additions. In its current form (vs. 3.0), it has grown to include 40 video-based classroom sessions at ten per academic year, plus seven assessments at age-appropriate times, one-on-one coaching of all participating E3G students and enriched facilitator training and support.

We continually focus our efforts on the future needs and direction of the Program. As version 3.0 has offered schools many new features, version 4.0 will include a research and data-gathering component and a web-based system for ease of delivery, among other helpful features.

E3G continues to innovate in the education services sector and is changing the way students discover their own personal career pathway.

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