ELI 360 Founder Ted Presley Tours Asia

by Ayrea | October 8, 2008 | Newsletters 0 Comments

Out meeting with parents and students.

October 08, 2008
At the end of September Ted Presley, the founder of ELI 360, took his wife to travel to Asia on an eight week tour of seven countries and 19 major cities. When asked the importance of this trip Ted explained that it is critical for ELI 360 to keep its partner universities in the minds of parents as they make “such important decisions on where their son or daughter will attend a university.”

This trip is to help promote the name of the universities ELI 360 represents. Additionally the trip’s purpose is to find those students who “are ready for exceptional service from us to help them get admitted into a top quality private university. ELI 360 has experienced a 95% admission rate for all applications that are submitted by qualified candidates,” said Ted. According to the president of ELI 360 not only do students have an almost guaranteed admission into a U.S. university but ELI 360 will represent the student for financial assistance through partial scholarships.

ELI 360 is ready to help young students who not only desire an excellent education but an opportunity to develop their leadership skills. The universities that have partnered with ELI 360 are listed in Princeton Review, Peterson’s Guide, have consistantly ranked in the top quartile of academic success as well as best value, and are reconginzed by Intel and Wall Street Journal as universities with academic excellence.
See the list of universities at

If you would like to set an appointment for an interview with Ted while he tours Asia please contact

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