Mr. Gist Takes on New Role at ELI 360

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­Erik Presley, President and CEO of Experience Life International 360 (ELI 360), announced today the appointment of Steven Gist to the position of Vice President of Marketing.  Steven will be responsible for the management of ELI 360’s global markets and placement services, as well as the continual development of new business partnerships.

SDG2011sq“The role of Vice President of Marketing is vital to the mission of ELI 360,” Presley said, adding, “Steven has the expertise, education and experience to provide strong leadership in this role.”

Today,  the founder of ELI 360 is on a trip to Brazil based on Steven’s work to create new partnerships with individuals and organizations in Brazil.  Presley explained, “These new partners are a great fit for us.  They definitely share our passion for providing young people with opportunities for transformative educational experiences abroad.”


Visit with Mayor's Office | Sau Paulo

Most recently, these partnerships caught the attention of city officials in the Sao Paulo area.  “We were excited to hear that ELI 360 representatives were asked to brief the mayor and other key figures on our work in education and career development,” Presley said.

“ELI 360 is well positioned to provide effective international marketing solutions to private high schools and universities in the U.S. Steven has been instrumental in making this a reality. Furthermore, as education consultants we have a portfolio of services to help students in the U.S. and abroad discover what we call their ‘personal blueprint.’ These services, developed over a period of two years, assist students in discovering a ‘best fit’ pathway for education and career.”

Steven Gist has over ten years of experience in international admissions and recruiting. He holds a Master’s degree in international  education from the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont, and has lived and worked in several countries including China, Belgium, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. He is co-author of the recently released Peterson’s Guide to Applying Successfully to Top U.S. Universities (Chinese Student Version).

ELI 360 is an international education consulting company that works to connect non-U.S. students with life-changing educational opportunities at U.S. universities and high schools.  The company is committed to the worldwide development of people and ideas for the increased wellbeing of all nations.

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