ELI 360 Guidance at the NCSA Annual Conference

by Ayrea | March 20, 2014 | Newsletters 0 Comments

As a company, ELI 360 has enjoyed a productive decade working primarily in international consulting as well as in high school and university placement.  A few years ago, ELI 360 designed and produced the ELI 360 Guidance Program or E3G for short. This Program, which focuses on student self-discovery and career exploration, has already benefitted hundreds of young high school students in other countries. With a whole-person focus, the Program is designed to change the way students discover their own personal career pathways.

Earlier this month, ELI 360 was invited to introduce E3G at the National Christian School Association’s annual conference (NCSA Conference) as a “curriculum vendor.” ELI 360’s Director of Education Services, Danny Ellison, and his wife Stephanie, along with Nashville-based ELI 360 Representative Larry Musick spent four eventful days networking with others, manning the E3G booth and developing lasting relationships that will benefit both ELI 360 and partner schools for many years to come.


The NCSA Conference was ELI 360’s biggest leap forward, thus far, in partnering with US-based private Christian high schools. This Program will streamline campus-based career guidance efforts here in the U.S. NCSA Conference participants received E3G quite well. There was rarely a moment when the representatives of ELI 360 were not engaged in conversation with various school officials.  Those who visited the booth had encouraging things to say about E3G, and expressed interest in bringing our Program to their schools.

Schools such as Christian Home and Bible School in Mt. Dora, FL expressed enthusiasm about the E3G Program and mentioned how well it will fit their graduate profile. CHBS wants to have students who not only are academically capable but are also self-aware and on track to be successful in their future careers. For them E3G fit the bill perfectly!


ELI 360 looks forward to growing numbers of partnerships between E3G and the NCSA membership. In the future, we intend to participate again in this annual conference as well as in other conferences. We want to spread the word about the guidance work we are doing for today’s students, both internationally and now right here at home!

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