2013 Growth and New Direction

by Ayrea | November 20, 2013 | Newsletters 0 Comments

As 2013 draws to an end, ELI 360 Guidance has proven to be the most dynamic product of parent company,  ELI 360. We went to market with our most updated version of E3G this year and its performance exceeded our expectations. The parent company implemented this improved version of E3G with an intentional focus on providing more effective training and support for partner schools. As a result of our efforts, both new and existing partners appreciated the resulting ease of adoption and use. New sessions, videos and assessments have enhanced the program far beyond its original version and our dedicated partners have paved the way for E3G to be adopted by schools of all kinds. Clearly, 2013 marks the best year for E3G!

Focus on the E3G Program in Indonesia:

In July Danny Ellison, our Program Manager for ELI 360 Guidance,  traveled to Indonesia to train several new schools and to offer updates to our existing school accounts. The trip was  fruitful and proved to be successful with many new relationships that were built along the way.

IMG_2502Bina Bangsa School (BBS) has been with us for a number of years. This school has  5 campuses in several different cities on the island of Java. At the main campus in Jakarta, we conducted our annual training of new and existing E3G coaches and advisers. In the picture on the right you can see (right to left) Danny Ellison, Program Manager of E3G, Sharen Winar, Head of Advising for BBS, and Vista Gultom, Assistant to Fentje Palit who is our Indonesia Office Manager.

Typical training for E3G consists of 1 to 2 days of intensive follow-up to an independent study course that all E3G coaches and advisers must complete prior to attending the on-campus training event. Coaches and advisers leave the training sessions ready to actively engage students through the E3G Program. In addition, those trainees will be equipped to put together their own team of advisers to help with the task of reaching each and every student with one-on-one meetings, classroom sessions and various assessments.

IMG_2693Charisma Global is an emerging school that has partnered with us. You can see Fentje Palit on the left who serves as our Indonesia Office Manager and effectively represents our Program. Charisma Global has established themselves in the middle of a very promising region of Jakarta and we look forward to serving them for many years to come!

The sales and training trip in July was not limited to Jakarta alone. We traveled to several different cities to train schools. Surabaya is a major city located on the eastern side of the large island of Java. On a previous trip taken by our our Founder, Ted Presley, we established a relationship with Masa Depan Cerah, otherwise known as MDC. Actually, MDC is a large protestant church that oversees a school that goes by the same name. During the July 2013 training trip we spent 2 days mobilizing MDC to begin the E3G Program with their high school student body. Coaching and advising staff from the school and the ministerial staff of the church all participated in the training. MDC is fully committed to reaching the teenagers of Surabaya, both through the ministry of the church and the educational endeavors of the school.

IMG_2714MDC’s ELI 360 Guidance team

Fawnridge Christian Academy is one of the first schools in Indonesia that adopted the E3G Program several years ago. We visited Tanjungpinang to update their staff with the latest version of the E3G Program and to offer training to several new coaches and advisers who took over the Program in 2013. Danny also had the opportunity to speak to the youth group of the parent church of  Fawnridge Academy during their Saturday night service and spoke to the entire congregation on Sunday morning.

IMG_2736Danny Ellison with high school students at Fawnridge Christian Academy

IMG_2788Danny speaking through a translator to the congregation at Fawnridge

In November Danny Ellison returned to Indonesia to support ELI 360’s Jakarta office in several sales efforts. We were requested to give a presentation of the  ELI 360 Guidance Program at the US Embassy in Jakarta. Representatives from many schools attended the presentation which resulted in several follow-up sales meetings with our Jakarta office. It was a huge success and we hope to gain several new school accounts beginning in the fall of 2014 from this effort.

photoFrom the left: Chee Khoon Ooi, ELI 360 Malaysia Representative; Fentje Palit; Danny Ellison; Attache with the U.S. Embassy; and Greg Ongko of Vickery Christian Academy

With each trip ELI 360 gains new friendships and solidifies relationships with promising new schools. 2013 saw many of these experiences take place and we look forward to what 2014 holds for ELI 360 and especially for the E3G Program!

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