New Role for Danny Ellison

by Ayrea | January 15, 2014 | Newsletters 0 Comments


Erik Presley, CEO of Experience Life International 360 (ELI 360), announced today the appointment of Danny Ellison to the position of Director of the Education Services Division.  Danny will be responsible for the management and direction of ELI 360’s new division, as well as the continual development of new service products in this division.

ELI 360’s new division, the Education Services Division, will differentiate itself from the company’s historical role of education consulting and student placement services. Most notably the previous core service offers building bridges between families and high-quality educational institutions. The new division directed by Ellison will venture into the research, development and promotion of educational service tools designed to change the way students discover and prepare for their own personal career pathway.

The flagship product for the new division is the ELI 360 Guidance Program (E3G), a 4-year curriculum-based Program designed to lead a student through the process of choosing a direction for their future beyond high school. More than simply a web-based tool for choosing a college major, the ELI 360 Guidance Program explores what it means to position oneself appropriately to achieve a high level of success in today’s marketplace, first by carefully choosing a congruent career pathway based on years of personal research and discovery, and then by developing the character, skills and other necessary personal qualities and traits to do exceptionally well along a chosen pathway.

“The role of Director is vital to the mission of ELI 360,” Presley said, adding, “Danny has the expertise, education and experience to provide strong leadership in this role.”

Danny has served the company as Product Manager of the ELI 360 Guidance Program for the past several years where he managed the development and implementation of several new version updates to E3G. His new role will also place him directly over the marketing strategies of the division as well as future development of E3G and other service products.

“I believe we are positioned to do great things in the realm of serving teachers as they reach their own students,” said Ellison. He continued in saying, “E3G is a unique Program that not only offers the resources students need for self-discovery, but it offers a turn-key approach for teachers to be confident they are, in fact, reaching all of their students on the same level.” Historically, based on conversations ELI 360 has had with many school administrators, most schools have struggled with how to offer guidance to all students, not only the students who take the initiative to seek help on their own. E3G offers a revolutionary answer to this problem by taking career conversations to the front lines, to the classroom.

Great things are in store for ELI 360 and its new Educational Services Division. 2014 marks the beginning of a new opportunity and fresh perspective for the noble endeavor of reaching students and guiding them through the process of choosing a lasting and satisfying career pathway.

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