ELI 360 President offers Condolences

by Ayrea | May 15, 2008 | Newsletters 0 Comments

Our prayers are with the families of Sichuan Province

May 15, 2008
History of the world continues to unfold as humanity deals with the reality that it is not “its own master” but rather a participant.

Tragedy struck the province of Sichuan, China on May 12 when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook the earth leaving many buildings collapsed. Currently, the death toll continues to rise above original estimates of 20,000. Rescue efforts from internal government agencies and military were quick and now overseas teams are joining the efforts to help those impacted by this disaster.

The Matsushiro Seismological Observatory, north of Tokyo, detected quake waves at 3:41 pm Japanese time just 13 minutes after the recording of the 7.8 magnitude quake struck. Later seismological equipment in an underground tunnel showed the same kind of low-frequency waves 90 minutes later at 6:10pm and again at 8:40pm.

“This shows the waves from the quake went round the globe twice, travelling eastward from the epicentre to Japan, crossing the Pacific to the Americas and the Atlantic Ocean to Africa before coming back to Asia,” said the observatory.

“Whether we live in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia we are all part of the same world and experience life together.” said Erik, the President of ELI 360 in a brief interview with PeopleFuzion. “All of us live in a time that life requires the ability to recognise we are not people on an island but are interdependent. Even science shows how we are all connected and feel the impacts of events from other parts of our world.”

Mr. Presley shared a little about his experience after the tsunami of 2004 when he lived in Bangkok, Thailand. “At the time because we lived in Bangkok in 2004, I went with a team to the south of Thailand to help in the Tsunami relief effort. Everyone had a natural response to want to help out. What I realized during those days of cleanup was each of us is just a small part of the tapestry of the world’s societies and each of us has much to contribute.” In telling of his experience of the relief efforts, Mr. Presley expressed how he saw God and His continuous desire to see humanity come together.

“Once again I see that we as a world are faced again with tragedy and our hearts are heavy for all those who have lost loved ones. Personally my family is lifting in prayer all those in Sichuan affected by the earthquake.”

Beginning from these moments, may we as diverse peoples from many different nations and backgrounds come together to help restore hope, strength and life in Sichuan.

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