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How well will Foreign Students Endorse their overseas experience?

August 11, 2012 0 Comments

The issues shared in the article deal with challenges at universities in Australia yet they are the same issues that all our partner universities face year-in-and-year-out. The difference with our partner universities is that they have. . .

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As Academic Competition in India Heats Up, the U.S. Offers an Alternative

November 8, 2011 0 Comments

According to a recent report by The New York Times, students in India are finding it increasingly difficult to enroll in their local universities. With about half of India’s 1.2 billion people under the age of 25, the country’s handful of highly selective universities are increasingly overwhelmed. Read more…

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More Chinese Students Abandoning Chinese Universities

October 14, 2011 0 Comments

An increasing number of Chinese students are pursuing higher education outside their home country. Why?

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Expanding Your Imagination

September 6, 2011 1 Comment

Imagination plays a bigger role in our adult lives than we may believe. Most of the time, we are not aware of how much of the choices we make depend on the extent of our imagination. Learning about the role of imagination in ethical decision making has revolutionized the way I look at life and education. Read more…

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Fighting Homesickness

August 9, 2011 0 Comments

International students leaving home for the first time face a vast array of challenges. Sometimes, these challenges may prove to be nothing more than minor inconveniences. On the other hand, some of these challenges can be particularly detrimental to the physical and emotional health of a student studying in a foreign country. Learn how to fight homesickness with these 5 basic practices…

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Testimonial from a Recent Graduate: David Lee

January 7, 2011 0 Comments

David Hoong Yan Lee graduated summa cum laude (With Highest Honors) with his Bachelors of Business Administration degree from Hardin-Simmons University in May 2010. Here he shares with us a testimony of how his time at HSU has positively influenced his life… (read more)

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Dubai My Next Stop

March 1, 2010 0 Comments

I’m days away from traveling to Dubai a city known for its skyscrapers. In fact, just last year the tallest building in the world was finished and opened for business.

Burj Dubai

Burj Dubai

Over the last year we have been developing a solid partnership with Emerging Young Leaders and through this organization we are now able to connect with more families around the world. Sam Balachander, from Bangalore, is the director and has made it possible to go on this trip to Dubai.  I am looking forward to …read more

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Studying Abroad and Creativity: Is there a Link?

February 24, 2010 0 Comments

According to a study conducted by INSEAD’s William D. Maddux in collaboration with Adam D. Galinsky from Northwestern University, there is sufficient scientific evidence to support the idea that studying abroad does indeed increase an individual’s level of creativity.

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Study Abroad – Chosen by Google to Promote their Technology

February 8, 2010 0 Comments

Everyone should study in a foreign university because it is a major reality of the 21st century world we all live in today. Google in their advertisement even agrees by mere association.

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