Results of Attaining an International Education

by Erik Presley | February 19, 2016 | Uncategorized 0 Comments

Travelling across the world to continue your education requires making several important decisions. This life-changing, cross-cultural experience may prove to be emotionally and financially difficult, but the results are definitely worth the struggle. At ELI 360, we understand that this choice involves time and planning. That is why we put our maximum effort into making sure students gain admission to our top quality, partner universities here in the U.S. The ELI 360 selection process reflects our strategy to assist you in reaching your goal.

Each year thousands of students come to the U.S. for study because of the broad appeal of the U.S. educational system and also because of the desire to become a more culturally aware, well-rounded individual. ELI 360 has developed a list of criteria for selecting partner universities. We want to ensure that our students get the full scope of cultural experiences that the U.S. has to offer at a top quality university. Most families realize that today’s students must become capable of interacting with other people from other cultures. Learning to live in multiple cultures cannot be learned at home, but must be learned through international experience with an open mind.

Through your U.S. university experience, you can find success that will follow you into your professional career. Successful U.S. university graduates include a long list of CEOs, national presidents and prime ministers as well ministers of many government agencies, departments or ministries.

An ELI 360 partner university offers students two essential qualities: an academically strong university and a safe environment where young people can focus on their studies and better prepare themselves for their future career. With a top quality education in a safe environment, students can pursue their dreams and get the job they always wanted.

We at ELI 360 encourage you to experience life internationally and thereby become a future leader. Avoid the closed-mindedness of isolationism which limits what you can achieve through your career and personal life. Studying internationally isn’t just a means of getting away from home or trying to change academic requirements. International study demands a lifestyle choice that will build you into a much better individual, well-equipped to face the global market of the modern inter-connected world.

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